How Are You Spending Your Precious Time Today?

What is one of the biggest hurdles designers face when creating a new schematic design? Creating and maintaining libraries of symbols and footprints. It’s a task that can take quite a bit of time since even the simplest of designs can contain a large number of parts.

PartQuest can make the task easier. Forget about creating new parts from scratch. Find the part information you need on PartQuest.

Simply click to download the desired part data and bring it into PADS Databook for immediate use. PartQuest has symbols, footprints, datasheets, and part-availability information available on demand for more than 850,000 parts.

And if you need data for a different part? No problem. PartQuest offers 24-hour turnaround time for information on any other part you might need – all at no cost to you.

Once you have PartQuest set up, part information is only a click away, giving you more time to create cutting-edge designs and putting you on the path to success in today’s competitive market. You might even get to go home early!

To learn more tips and tricks for building a top-quality schematic entry process, check out this webinar.

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