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We are all aware of the importance of networking both personally and professionally. Networking with your peers within an online global user community provides an open forum to get information, collaborate and learn more.

The internet is at our fingertips and Googling a question or thought is an everyday occurrence for most. For specific interests such as the EDA industry, communities and forums enable explorers, researchers, users, peers, and others to connect, engage, and extend knowledge with a global community.


Obtain quick and useful information. Vast amounts of topical and relevant information are available from companies and submitted by peers who are in your industry space, some of which even wear the same skillset hat(s) as you do.

power is gained

When we exchange information between two or more folks it essentially creates the building blocks of the user community. By interacting with one another, people can share ideas, experiences, and solutions that help the greater community. In the user community environment conversations are typically topical, archived, and searchable. For example, you may encounter and resolve an issue that another user has just encountered.


Often folks begin interacting with a user community in search of a quick solution to a pressing problem but that cannot be the sole catalyst for user community interest and participation. By visiting and reviewing user community discussions regularly, you can gain valuable insights to what your peers are discussing today. Often, you’ll discover a topic that you can provide valuable feedback on,  discover a time saving tip or resource, or even find other members to connect with and befriend.


Seeking information, collaboration, and learning are just the low-hanging fruit, so-to-speak, that you’ll discover within the PADS global user community. Your peers along with technical experts including PADS application engineers and management team members answer questions, share tips, and participate in discussions.

Join Mentor Graphics Communities  to to ask questions, share information, collaborate, and learn more today! What are your favorite forums? Spread the word and share them in the comments below.


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