Molded Body Parts: CAD Library Series: Part 1

By John McMillan

The CAD Library White Paper Series: Part 1 – Molded Body PartsxDX Molded

The CAD library is the starting point that affects every process from PCB layout through PCB manufacturing and assembly. There are dozens of things to consider when creating a CAD library. Each can directly affect the quality of the part placement, via fanout, trace routing, post processing, fabrication and assembly processes. Yet, they are often overlooked.

This CAD library whitepaper, the first in a series dedicated to CAD library quality, describes each aspect you should consider when creating Molded Body Component library parts. It also describes the impact each feature has in the PCB process.

WP Front pageFrom polarized and non-polarized capacitors to fuses, diodes, inductors and resistors, this paper covers the in’s and outs of one of the most-popular component families on a PCB design layout. This paper discusses everything from the package types to the silkscreen, and from the placement courtyard to via fanout examples.

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Thanks for reading,  and be on the lookout for Part #2: SOT Components soon!



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