Cool Earth Solar powers up designs with PADS

By John McMillan

Cool Earth Solar designs and develops solar products to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The company has created a scalable, low-cost solution to develop industrial power plants using concentrated photovoltaic technology. “We strive to reduce the most expensive part of the solar collector — the solar cell itself,” says Scott French, Senior Electrical Engineer, “by increasing the power output from the cell.”


French uses PADS to develop monitoring and communications hardware used for a solar tracker — an electromechanical system used to track the sun, monitor output, and process and transmit data. Scott appreciates how productive a designer can be in PADS. “When I want to do something, it’s easy to do. It’s not always easy in other tools.”

Click below to read the full story on how Scott French at Cool Earth Solar relies on the ease of use, tool advancements and the power of PADS to meet design requirements and save time!

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