Start Smarter with PADS Webinar Q and A – Part 1

By Jim Martens

Hello everyone! So many people attended our recent Start Smarter” webinar, asking so many great questions on different topics, that I decided to answer some of them in this blog. I’ll take on different questions each week, starting today with the basics and answering questions on getting started with PADS.  Please feel free to leave comments below if you have questions regarding this topic. I hope to answer all your questions, but if you are still unsure, don’t be shy – ask me anything!

Q:  James H. asked what tutorials are available when transitioning to, or starting up with PADS?

A:  There are a couple places to start.  When you install the software, the PADS Evaluation Guide will be on your desktop.  It can also be downloaded from our website here.  We call it an Eval Guide, but it’s truly a full flow tutorial of PADS, with chapters and lessons on everything from schematic capture, simulation and analysis, PADS Layout and routing, CAM outputs, etc.  (we will be renaming this to PADS Tutorial soon!).  There are also other tutorials available on the Welcome page when you first launch PADS Layout – same type of data: descriptive “how-tos” with accompanying lessons.

Q:  From Joyce M. – What is the best tutorial for DxDesigner?  And from Syed R, Where can I learn about the Reuse module?

A: I suggest the same PADS Eval Guide I mentioned above – it goes into pretty good detail on both DxDesigner and DxDataBook as well as PDR.

Q: Stefan N. would like to know if we have PDF documentation/manuals that can be download from the Mentor website?

A:  All product docs are available with the install, and online at

Q:  Beverly G. says that she would like to self-learn the autorouter, and also asked whether we have any YouTube videos on how to run it?

A: I’ll point you to a few resources.  First, the same Eval Guide mentioned above has a section on how to run the router.  We do have a PADS YouTube Channel at, and more videos one the PADS website, including an on-demand webinar titled PADS Routing – Increase Your Productivity Today”.  There are also several TechNotes – some with videos – on how to use the autorouter on SupportNet.

Q: James H. also asked if there will be additional presentations for in-depth features on PADS?

A: Good timing for this question!  We’re in the process of planning a fall webinar and seminar series that will do just that.  Each one will dig deeper into a specific portion of the PADS flow.

Q: And finally, Jerry K. would like to know if there will be any roadshows in the mid-west this year?

A:  Absolutely!  In fact, we’re just completing the Summer Seminar series (I’ll be in China and Taiwan for two weeks in August presenting), and planning for the Fall world-wide seminar series now.  We’ll hit about 60 cities worldwide, including your region.  The best way to find out when we’ll be in your area of the world, check our website in September, and in social media by continuing  to follow this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


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    (1) What is the meaning of cost?

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    Set the routing direction and effort level (cost) used to complete routing when auto routing layers.
    When defining layer cost, spedfy a value between 0 and 100,
    Setting values greater then 0will reduce the usage of the layer during auto route operations.

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