Siemens Capital software now embeds parts library by CADENAS

There is an all-new visual search engine to be used as a parts library for Siemens’ Capital software for electrical/electronic (E/E) design. The search engine, known as, was built and developed by CADENAS GmbH. enables engineers to more quickly find and source components for their designs. Accordingly, the new tool provides manufacturer component data with intelligent part information consolidated under one easy to navigate structure.

Additionally, manufacturers have already seen this as an opportunity to provide rich product data to their customers, ensuring their products provide necessary digital functionality and are specified more often.

CADENAS (Spanish for process chains) is a leading software manufacturer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and Parts Reduction (PARTsolutions) as well as Electronic CAD Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions). With its customized software solutions, the company acts as a link between component manufacturers with their products, and their customers.

parts library screen shot
Screenshot of the new parts library

Time-consuming research and manual parts library creation can be a barrier to innovation

The increased amount of electrical and electronic components used in the development of automotive or aerospace systems has made the search, testing and procurement of components an additional challenge. According to studies, as much as 90 percent of automotive innovations today are created in the areas of E/E systems. The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio combines the software tools, including Capital software, for digital transformation on a single platform. A key element of this strategy is to provide intelligent part data to cover the design, manufacture, and service of electrical systems as well as encompassing E/E system and software architectures to efficiently engineer today’s smart products.

In the past, Capital users needed to manually create library parts and symbols by referring to websites of part manufacturers or part distributors to provide the required electrical data. Even when users wanted to compare different parts from different vendors, they had to go through individual websites and datasheets. This process of manual creation and maintenance of library parts and symbols involved a huge amount of time and effort.

By adding to Capital software, users save valuable time by reducing administrative and search overhead, which they can use to develop creative products and accelerate time to market.

Additional functionality offers excellent support for developing E/E systems

Using the new embedded part library can greatly reduce the manual work by providing access to thousands of ready-to-import components from various renown international vendors. Users working on a design can seamlessly import new parts into Capital and add them into their designs just by a single click.

Furthermore, the tool provides a selection of matching accessories as well as components that are similar to the selected product.

Besides the free access to thousands of ready-to-import parts, reduces effort and time taken to create library parts and their symbols. When importing components, full control over mapping with respect to customer standards and conventions is maintained. It comes with easy-to-edit configuration files to customize the import of parts and symbols. The embedded component library also provides an easy comparison between similar parts.

The part library with its manufacturer-verified component data is available by default in recent Siemens Capital software installations.

To learn more, read the press release on the CADENAS website.

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