Advanced automotive ethernet network design solutions for next-generation systems

With the rapid rise of electronics in vehicles, new vehicle technologies require more complex network topologies. This is important to manage a significantly higher data throughput with more stringent timing constraints. With vehicle network complexity increasing beyond even recent predictions, a solution often mentioned is Automotive Ethernet. In other words, ethernet-based networking specifically created for faster data communication for in-vehicle networking.

There are many benefits that automotive ethernet brings compared to traditional automotive communication protocols, but it must be adequately designed to embrace its potential fully. Additionally, OEMs have design rules and standards instructing the network design engineers which protections to use in system design scenarios. Siemens Capital solutions assist with setting up a design model, enabling consistency checks to guide the designer toward problems and making sure the networks are correct by design and consistently described in the software configuration output.

Watch our webinar to learn: 

  • Which Ethernet protocol to use
  • How to manage the increasing need for deterministic communication
  • Why it is essential to have a correctly defined quality of service (QoS)
  • Why different domains may have varying cost, latency, and bandwidth needs
  • Why domains may still benefit from a complete end-to-end deterministic system view

Watch the Webinar→ Master the design challenges of automotive Ethernet communication

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