Effectively design and engineer E/E systems for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles

By Kelsey Robuck

Today’s automotive and heavy equipment industries are experiencing several business challenges, including tariffs, fuel economy mandates, legislation, safety, sustainability, and CO2 targets. These challenges have accelerated emerging trends such as autonomous vehicles and electrification. This shift to new mobility is causing an increase in the complexity of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. Manufacturers that embrace complexity and transform it into a competitive advantage will survive the present and win the future.

Learn how to turn complexity into a competitive advantage, as well as:

  • Move faster​ to bring innovative vehicles to market earlier than your competition​
  • Lower development costs, production​, and operating costs​
  • Create new business models and out-innovate by building differentiation through insights that are not easily duplicated​

Register & Watch Now: Effective design and engineering of E/E systems for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles

Implement E/E architecture for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles

This on-demand webinar will discuss how modern software tools can be used to generatively design the E/E systems of heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles, from the E/E architecture definition to revolutionizing the vehicle E/E design process. This process can utilize the standard library of signals and messages from the SAE J1939 standard, the defined functions, and E/E architecture to generate the E/E design.

Additionally, this webinar video will demonstrate how data consistency within the design flow assures a correct-by-construction design methodology, which will:

  • Allow engineers to rapidly assess the impact of proposed changes across the entire platform
  • Reduce the risk of unknown consequences to the system design
  • Re-use on future platforms and downstream tools to remove repetitive and error-prone tasks throughout the flow

Learn more about how an integrated electrical, functional, and network design flow produces more accurate designs while increasing the efficiency of engineers for both near- and far-term projects. 

Register & Watch Now: Effective design and engineering of E/E systems for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles

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