Siemens’ Xcelerator Capital software for electrical/electronic (E/E) systems development is selected by Airbus

By Anthony Nicoli

Siemens today announced that Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, has selected Capital™ electrical/electronic (E/E) systems development software from Siemens‘ Xcelerator portfolio to accelerate the development of commercial aircraft.

The Capital platform’s comprehensive digital thread and openness were key elements that drove this selection, as this facilitates integration within the broader engineering enterprise. Siemens’ strong support, along with technical workshops, will help to accelerate new process design and adoption.

Capital delivers a true, configuration controlled, E/E system digital twin, supported by a comprehensive digital thread throughout the E/E system development, manufacturing, and operational life cycle. Additionally, the open IT architecture and multi-domain integrations within Capital enable straightforward deployment into Airbus’ Lean PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) environment. They also provide the backbone for E/E systems design and electrical harness manufacturing engineering across Airbus’ multi-country development team.

E/E groups will work in a highly unified design environment that facilitates faster product development, optimized manufacturing of electrical systems, improved first-time-right electrical harness quality and smoother supply chain integration. These groups will be able to generate architecturally optimized design proposals, wiring and service documentation.

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The incessant demand for increased platform performance, coupled with the trend toward implementing more capabilities using electrical systems, have increased the challenges of development programs. New sources of risk, unique to electrically intensive platforms, must be mitigated. Realizing these risks doesn’t just hamper program execution and threaten reputations, it also impacts profitability, and in the worst case, imperils corporate viability. Below I outline further reading and viewing that will help you explore how to address these risks and challenges.

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And finally, check out this very popular industry eBook produced by EE World on addressing complexity and minimizing risk in modern aerospace electrical platforms.

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Tony Nicoli

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