Automotive EE Systems Revolution – Podcast Roundup

By Emily Hooper

Welcome to the blog overview of Automotive EE Systems Revolution – a brand new series of podcasts from the Integrated Electrical Systems Group of Siemens Digital Industries Software. In this blog, we break down the podcast series which focuses on automotive industry trends and the electrical and electronic systems, networks, and software within a vehicle.

1.Automotive Landscape and Business Drivers – Part 1

Published: November 6th

Description: “Automotive Landscape and Business Drivers – Part 1” is the first episode of the podcast series and discusses the major changes in the automotive industry over the past 10 years, the challenges OEMs have to face today, and what the future looks like for this ever-changing industry.

2. Automotive Landscape and Business Drivers – Part 2

Published: November 16th

Description: Episode two “Automotive Landscape and Business Drivers – Part 2” continues the discussion from episode one on the automotive landscape today. It also focuses on the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought on the industry and the steps that automotive companies can take to respond to its challenges.

3. Automotive E/E Development Changes – Part 3

Published: December 3rd

Description: What do you look for when buying a new vehicle? In episode three “Automotive E/E Development Changes – Part 3” learn about the most important and exciting features consumers are looking for that are enabled by electronics and software. This episode takes a deep dive into how actual vehicle development has changed as a result of shifts in both buyer preferences and larger industry trends. Hear why EVs are becoming more attractive to customers, why OEMs focus on developing advanced vehicles, and the role E/E systems and architecture play in the new, more complex world of the automotive industry.

4. Systems Tomorrow: Software & Automotive – Part 4

Published: December 14th   

Description: The disruption experienced by the automotive revolution is well documented, and industry participants are busy working out the best ways in which they can create value, innovate, and position themselves at the forefront of the industry. In episode four “Systems Tomorrow: Software & Automotive – Part 4” discover how throughout the industry, the result is a growing emphasis on E/E systems and software demanding new product development methods that blur the old boundaries between all vehicle domains.

5. Electrification Now & Later – Part 5

Published: January 4th  

Description: The fifth and final episode of this podcast series “Electrification Now & Later” wraps up the discussion on the future of automotive E/E architectures, E/E systems development, and the automotive industry. Learn about the growing role of software in delivering vehicle functionality, and how this change may affect vehicle development as a whole.

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