Navigating chaos: How to overcome the supply chain challenges of our time

By Christian Wendt

Multiple crises redefine markets and upset the balance of power: entire economic sectors come under pressure, business models crumble and supply chains break. The experience is neither a gradual process nor a cyclical trend, it’s an avalanche of events that descends upon us suddenly and nullifies the natural order of things that we’ve relied on for decades.

Looking back on history, we might be tempted to ask: Hasn’t it always been this way? Many current events show that our world is increasingly subject to forces that no one could have expected. Droughts in the area around the Panama Canal paralyze global shipping. Surging energy prices pose an existential threat to energy-hungry industries. Interest rate spikes cripple otherwise prosperous sectors. Climate-related natural disasters create human misery. Fear and uncertainty rule the day.

Welcome to the BANI era

What kind of logistics do we need to lead us out of this chaos? Which tools can we use to make the unpredictable manageable? How can we ensure the smooth flow of goods and services despite all obstacles? Our white paper “Forward-looking companies embrace the chaos” highlights the impact BANI is having on the supply chain and shows how logistics professionals can manage challenges that defy imagination.

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