Realize LIVE Americas: How to benefit from the shift-left in logistics

By Christian Wendt

You may already have the best product on the market and an outstanding production facility with excellent manufacturing processes, but what about your supply chain? Do you have enough insight into your inbound logistics? Can you ensure that your production lines run around the clock even in the event of supply chain disruptions? And what about transparency regarding transportation costs and emissions?

We will get to the bottom of these and other questions in the Digital Logistics session at Realize LIVE Americas from 13-16 May 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Join our community of thinkers and doers in design, manufacturing, and lifecycle management to accelerate your digital transformation.

Why attend Realize LIVE?

Realize LIVE 2024 is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience designed to elevate your expertise in design, supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re an experienced user, our objective is to enrich your event participation and assist you in harnessing the potential of the entire Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio.

  • Learn from Your Peers: Immerse yourself in visionary sessions presented by industry leaders, offering firsthand insights into how they leverage Siemens solutions to maintain a competitive edge. These sessions are sure to ignite your enthusiasm and prepare you to tackle fresh challenges within your own organization.
  • Hear from the Experts: Realize LIVE provides exclusive access to Siemens experts, making it the ideal platform to stay informed about the latest industry advancements also in logistics and supply chain management. Whether you’re focused on streamlining day-to-day logistics operations, optimizing your supply chain network or reduce your products carbon footprint from the very beginning, you’ll discover a wealth of valuable insights and guidance to help you achieve your objectives.
  • Find Inspiration: More than just a learning and networking opportunity, Realize LIVE is a source of inspiration. Engage with visionary sessions from leading companies and innovative start-ups, where stories of sustainability, digitalization, and innovation will leave you motivated and ready to confront new challenges within your own organization.

Get ready to make the shift

Over the last decade, the logistics industry has undergone a significant transformation in its priorities. The landscape has evolved, and a service portfolio exclusively centered on transport and logistics is no longer sufficient to meet today’s challenges. Businesses aiming to meet climate targets and comply with new international laws and regulations must address unpredictable stress factors in the supply chain. By shifting left in logistics and considering supply chain aspects in the early stages of the product life cycle, companies can avoid bottlenecks, reduce costs and improve the overall carbon footprint of their products. Are you ready to make the shift?

We look forward to introducing you to our comprehensive Digital Logistics portfolio at Realize LIVE from May 13-16 in Las Vegas. Register now!

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