Enhanced supply chain visibility for air freight

By Christian Wendt

Siemens partners with BlueBox Systems

To improve air freight handling for its customers, Siemens Digital Logistics has seamlessly integrated BlueBox Systems’ data into its collaboration platform AX4. This partnership is set to empower over 500,000 AX4 users, providing them with swift and effortless access to top-tier airfreight data from over 130 airlines. The result? Streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. 

Unlocking the Power of Integration 

Thanks to its integration of BlueBox Systems data, AX4 users can effortlessly combine this with other valuable information. This synergy offers an unparalleled overview of their air freight operations, allowing them to track and manage their cargo with unprecedented precision. 

One of the standout features of this integration is the ability for both applications to communicate independently and exchange data in real time through an Application Programming Interface (API), allowing the information to extend the AX4 milestone models and exception handling mechanisms. This means that everyone involved in the supply chain – from shippers to receivers – has access to the most up-to-date and accurate information. Whether it’s ETA changes or unforeseen delays, nothing remains hidden, enabling proactive decision-making. 

Moreover, this advanced API solution ensures end-to-end data security. Only authorized parties can access and utilize the shared information, safeguarding sensitive cargo details and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain. 

A Win-Win for Innovation 

Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “With Siemens Digital Logistics, we’ve gained a partner that trusts our innovative solutions, putting the customer first and recognizing the added value of BlueBox Systems. We both share the same goal: making air freight and logistics supply chains more transparent and efficient.” 

Schulze emphasized the importance of real-time tracking offered by BlueBox Systems, particularly for time- and temperature-critical cargo for industries with strict requirements, especially pharmaceuticals. He added, “Air freight remains the fastest and most secure means of transporting valuable and critical goods globally. Customers now have everything in view, ensuring that their cargo arrives in optimal condition and on time.” 

Transforming the Logistics Landscape 

“By partnering with BlueBox Systems, we’re able to offer AX4 users greater visibility into their air freight supply chain,” said Volker Albrecht, CEO of Siemens Digital Logistics. “This transparency enables our customers to make better-informed decisions, streamline their processes, and ultimately save money.”  

In conclusion, the integration of BlueBox Systems into Siemens AX4 logistics software enables supply chain stakeholders to look forward to smoother operations, reduced costs, and an even brighter future for their air freight logistics. 

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