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Redefining agility in food & beverage manufacturing: The critical role of smart manufacturing

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Manufacturing Operations Management in the CPG Industry

6 Key Benefits: Unleash the Potential of Manufacturing Operations Management for the CPG Industry

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Accelerating consumer product development: Embracing digital transformation

Discover how digital transformation is revolutionizing consumer product development. From smart technology integration to digital twin applications, learn how the consumer durables sector is meeting modern challenges with innovative solutions.

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A Vision of Accessible Nutrition: Empowering the Future of Food Tech With Practical Solutions

Siemens at CES 2024: Transforming the world with food technology As we gear up for CES 2024, our team at…

Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage Industry

8 breakthrough trends with digital transformation in the food & beverage industry

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CPG digital transformation: Siemens’ and Accenture’s enhanced approach to industry challenges

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5 Strategies for adapting to changing consumer behavior in the CPG industry

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is undergoing significant changes, with shifting consumer behavior and increasing demands for sustainability and…

Streamlining production in the consumer packaged goods industry: The power of Enterprise Recipe Management

In the fast-paced world of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, staying ahead of the competition requires efficient production processes…

Unveiling the Future of Consumer Goods with Our #ConsumerGoodsTechTalks Webinar Series

Dive into the world of next-generation consumer goods with our #ConsumerGoodsTechTalks Series. Explore smart product design, generative design, simulation software, and more. Join us for a series of webinars and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Register now!

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