IP Validation @ U2U EU

By siddharth ravikumar

Siemens EDAs user-to-user (U2U) Europe conference will take place in Munich, Germany on May 11th.  If you have not already registered <>, I recommend you do so now to reserve a spot.  The agenda is packed with presentations, showcasing technology and successes from a wide variety of industries.  

If IP QA and Validation keeps you up at night, I encourage you to attend these two sessions: 

1. “Improving IP QA coverage” by Mixel Inc  

2. “A robust IP QA methodology using Solido Crosscheck” by Samsung Electronics  

Mixel Inc’s paper discusses the challenges of IP validation and how the company’s in-house CAD infrastructure works with Solido Crosscheck to address these challenges. The paper explains how Mixel leverages Solido Crosscheck to automate the validation process and identify potential issues early on, resulting in faster design cycles and improved quality.  

Samsung Electronics’ paper focuses on their IP sign-off process and how they leverage Solido Crosscheck to ensure a comprehensive QA of the IP design. The paper also discusses how Samsung takes advantage of Solido Crosscheck’s APIs to add their own custom checks and formats, providing greater flexibility and control over the validation process. 

I hope you can join us on May 11 for the conference! This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the latest trends and best practices in semiconductor industry. Hope to see you there! 

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