Automated common resistance checking…it’s the smart thing to do!

By Hossam Sarhan – Mentor, A Siemens Business

Work smarter, not harder. Isn’t that what everyone is always telling you? Of course, it’s excellent advice, especially when you can not only reduce your workload, but also improve your results.

That’s the idea behind our common resistance extraction check. Common resistance is the amount of resistance found between the starting point of a net and the point at which that net branches off to the connected devices. This common resistance value is an important number in multiple circuit performance and reliability checks, such as noise and voltage drop analysis, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection verification. Not getting it right can lead to all sorts of issues that can be very difficult to identify and trace back later on.

So…we decided to add an automated common resistance check to the Calibre PERC reliability platform packaged checks framework. Design teams can quickly configure and run this pre-coded rule check, eliminating the time previously spent on custom coding while also ensuring accurate results. Even better, those results can be automatically applied in other checks that require the common resistance value as part of their calculations. Accurate, fast, easy…and you don’t even have to pick two out of those three. How smart is that?

To learn more about the automated common resistance check, and how you can use it to work smarter, download our white paper, Net common resistance extraction is crucial to design reliability.

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