What’s new in the automotive industry — April 2022

By Kelsey Robuck

Discover how businesses in the automotive industry can benefit from digitalization across product development, manufacturing and lifecycle processes. Below are some of our upcoming events on the challenges of evolving industry trends and the digital solutions that can help and newly released content.

Vehicle electrification and e-Powertrain development

Electrification in the automotive industry is creating e-Powertrain performance challenges.
Discover new methodologies and tools to reach a fast go-to-market

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 58 minutes

The race for electrification in the automotive industry is booming, creating new challenges for vehicle engineers. As a result, engineers must optimize both electric motor and overall e-Powertrain performance, especially for operational duty-cycles, NVH, thermal, and electromagnetic performance-related issues.

Join us live to discover new methodologies and tools for vehicle electrification and e-Powertrain development to reach a fast go-to-market.

Automotive concept development and product design

Accelerate product concept development and product design for the automotive industry.
Speed up while reducing costs with end-to-end functional integration

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 38 minutes

In today’s fast-evolving automotive industry, engineers must develop optimized designs to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, they must still meet all requirements while minimizing material use. Consequently, this will require new engineering processes that enable a faster and more cost-effective pace of innovation.

Join us live to discover how Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution provides the tools needed to profitably deliver next-generation vehicles.

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”

We need as much innovation in the automotive industry safety arena as we do in all the technology arenas.
Zook’s journey to safe autonomous vehicles

Zoox’s Journey to Safety with Mark R. Rosekind – Part 2 | PODCAST | 39 minutes

Missed Part 1? Click here to listen to the full episode.

In Part 2 of our podcast with Mark Rosekind, Chief Safety Innovation Officer Zoox, we discuss the proactive rather than reactive safety measures behind the Zoox AVs, including his inspiration behind promoting safety. In addition, we will talk about what to do when you feel yourself starting to doze off behind the wheel, the one thing he’d like to “uninvent.” 

Additional automotive industry resources

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