AMSIG Tech Session – April 03,2024 – Multi-Axis Additive Manufacturing from Design to Quality Control

By Hani Qaqish

For those who could not attend the April 03, 2024 AMSIG tech session, the recording is below. In this session, Heinz-Ingo Schneider from Siemens discussed the intricacies of directed energy deposition (DED) from design to data-driven quality control. The comprehensive overview of directed energy deposition technologies and quality control measures provided in the presentation is crucial for companies seeking to enhance their additive manufacturing capabilities and ensure efficient, reliable, and high-quality production processes. Here, Heinz-Ingo delves into the core technologies shaping AM, emphasizing DED’s multifaceted nature.

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The next Tech Session will be April 17th, 2024. On the schedule is Harald Moers who will discuss the best practices for HP Multi-Jet Fusion.

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