What’s New in Learning Advantage – Model-Based System Engineering

By Jennifer Bradford

docs to models.pngRemember how awesome it always seemed that Batman could command the Batmobile to pick him up from a sticky situation? It is not as science fiction-y as it used to be, and the astonishing part is that you won’t have to be Batman or own a real Batmobile to experience this command of technological wonder. Yes indeed, self-driving cars are finally coming! But what does this leap from science fiction to engineering reality mean for us as engineers? These cars will be made up of sophisticated mechatronic components coupled with embedded software running millions of lines of code per second and intelligent AI algorithms making decisions at the same time, all linked together in a highly complex fashion.


This is just one example among the numerous multi-domain products that are and will be manufactured in various industries. For this reason, we need to make a fundamental change in the way we design and manufacture products – and indeed a fundamental change in the way we educate ourselves about designing and manufacturing these products. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and engineering management that focuses on designing and managing complex systems over their lifecycles. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a formalized approach to perform systems engineering activities with the use of computerized models and our new Learning Advantage curriculum for MBSE is everything you need to get up to speed on this approach to systems engineering.

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