Students from the Ulsan-Gyeongnam Future Mobility Business Group visited the EWA and SITRAIN DI in Germany

By youheng.dong

16 students and 2 professors from University of ULSAN Future Mobility Business Group (Hwang Kyu-sun, Industrial Management Engineering, and Kim Sung-min, Electrical Engineering) visited EWA and Impulse Building in Amberg, Germany, and SITRAIN Digital Industrial Academy in Nuremberg, Germany to experience Siemens’s digital twin technology and the world’s best smart factory.

Part 1. Siemens Electronics Works Amberg (EWA)

Siemens Electronic Works Amberg (EWA) produces 17 million Simatic parts per year and uses approximately 50 million process and product data items to evaluate and optimize for efficient production. In addition, manufacturing technology is leading the future by applying innovative technologies such as AI, industrial edge computing, and cloud solutions based on digital twin technology.

Siemens is offering new technologies and new ideas for future automation plants at The IMPULSE, an Amberg’s visitor center, for sustainable production through three key challenges: Customization, Digitalization, and Climate Change, and students have experienced seven solutions based on digital twin data.

THE IMPULSE identified digital twin technology that integrated Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) based on real-world data such as 5G, augmented reality, self-optimized systems through automation technology, flexible production through machines and robots, and cloud computing technology for data analysis and evaluation. In addition, students experienced both a business unit operated as a smart factory and a unit composed of digital automation with the entire process through a tour of the EWA factory. Through the EWA tour, students continued to improve through the convergence of virtual products, processes, and real-world production processes, which are the concepts of digital twin pursued by Siemens and saw and learned automation plants that operate actual machines with insights on performance through Mind Sphere.

Part 2. SITRAIN Digital Industrial Academy (DI) in Nuremberg

Siemens SITRAIN provides efficient and sustainable industrial education services and provides employees and students in need of technical learning with virtual educational solutions with the most appropriate industrial curriculum, whether in the classroom, online or virtually. SITRAIN is a modern learning culture that focuses on the needs of learners and innovative companies, and students experienced Siemens’ curriculum, benefits, and philosophy for fostering talent.

Under the slogan “The Future of Learning Starts Now,” we identified individual customized education programs for Siemens customers and students, and experienced an industry academy that combines theory and practice to quickly and accurately educate the required learning process.

For integrated automation of digital enterprises, virtual simulations for motion control application development and equipment for training and practice have been provided to improve the ability to find answers to problems in modular factory systems through Mechatronics knowledge training. In addition, it served as an opportunity to improve the interest in the Mechatronics system, which conducts education in the SMSCP qualification program, and field and practice-oriented education.

It was a field trip to experience the Siemens EWA smart factory, understand digital twins and new technologies, experience the 4th Industrial Revolution led by Siemens, and experience flexible education programs that combine practice and theory.

Fig 1.  Visited Siemens EWA
Fig 2. Visited Siemens SITRAIN DI

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