Siemens partners with Berkeley SkyDeck to support startups

By Sophia Jin

Siemens is thrilled to announce its partnership with Berkeley SkyDeck, a startup accelerator and incubator at the University of California, Berkeley. Siemens’ partnership with SkyDeck is another step towards continuing to support startups, foster innovation, and empower the next generation of talent. Read to learn more about SkyDeck and their collaboration with Siemens!

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What is SkyDeck?

Berkeley SkyDeck was originally formed as a collaboration between UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. SkyDeck aims to create a vibrant ecosystem of advisors, industry partners, and accredited investors to empower startups to turn their visions into reality. Their support system includes a SkyAmbassador Network that promotes SkyDeck across the globe, a Strategy Council of experienced founders and investors, and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee that promotes increased equitable access within SkyDeck cohorts.

They offer multiple programs that aim to support startups depending on which stage of growth they are in. Their SkyDeck Accelerator program awards a $200,000 investment for startups who are already in the process of receiving significant funding from top VCs. They also offer an Innovation Partners Program, where startups across various funding stages can apply to be accelerated for a three-month period at SkyDeck. Furthermore, their Pad-13 incubator program welcomes early-stage startups for a three-month period focused on growth and mentorship. SkyDeck welcomes startups across all industries, but also offers specialized tracks in fields such as crypto, aerospace, biotech, semiconductor chip, and climate tech. Through their diverse network and robust programming, SkyDeck aims to empower the success and growth of startups who are at the forefront of innovation.

Siemens partners with SkyDeck

In continuing to empower startups as the next generation of digital innovation, Siemens has partnered with SkyDeck as a resource partner. Through this partnership, Siemens can participate in a thriving global community and build relationships with startups who are looking for a strong support system. As a resource partner, Siemens hopes to support Berkeley SkyDeck’s mission of providing startups with the necessary resources and network for them to turn their dreams into reality. Collaborating with SkyDeck through the resource partner program allows Siemens to serve as a resource that can empower startups to reach their goals and usher in a new generation of innovation.

Berkeley SkyDeck gave us the network and support we needed to succeed in the early stage of our company. They helped us hire top talent, identify go to market strategies, and raise our seed round.

Davit Baghdasaryan, Co-Founder & CEO of Krisp (comment from Berkeley SkyDeck website).

Learn more about how Siemens supports startups

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