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Siemens Digital Industries Software is committed to empowering lifelong learners to create a more innovative sustainable future. Today the Global Academic Program empowers more than one million future engineers and technologists at academic institutions worldwide to provide a strong pipeline of talent ready to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

The Siemens empowers education team aims to address the essential business issues our customers face: The shrinking supply of skilled employees and the gap between current worker skills and the level of performance required in today’s increasingly digitized world. 

Under the Global Academic Program, Siemens Digital Industries Software provides software, trainings and enablement that drive creative problem-solving skills in the high-tech economy. Through an innovative approach, Siemens Digital Industry Software enables today’s learners to solve tomorrow’s challenges by supporting STEM competitions and providing real-world project-based curricular content​. Together, we facilitate human-centered innovation, sustainable design, and responsible consumption and production by sharing the successes of trailblazers for a more sustainable future.

This includes: 

Industry-grade software 

  • Fully granted and discounted industrial-strength portfolios for education, including a borrowing function for home use
  • Free software downloads for students and educators

Online training and resources 

  • Free access to Xcelerator Academy learning platform, with over 7000 modules for learning how to use your software

Curriculums and certification 

  • Fully customizable curriculums on how to teach certain engineering topics shown in our portfolios and an exclusive section on Learning Advantage 
  • Customizable, modular curricular materials for classroom use including lectures, projects, labs, case studies, data sets and more
  • Free and deeply discounted industry certification to demonstrate career readiness

Real-world projects and competitions 

  • Support licenses for demonstration laboratories 
  • Free licenses for all our portfolios for all student teams

Who qualifies for the Siemens Academic Partner Program? 

The Siemens Academic Partner Program provides versions of Siemens software for education that are governed by accepting the end user license agreement (EULA) and additional academic supplemental terms (ST), which states the terms and conditions for use of academic software. According to our academic terms, a customer applying needs to be an academic institution or other qualifying nonprofit organization and academic licenses are solely for educational or public research purposes. 

How to apply for the Siemens Academic Partner Program 

To request a grant for academic licenses from the Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolios and the Siemens Electronic Design Automation (EDA) portfolios, customers need to fill out a grant application form (GAF). 

This will be routed through the academic team to the responsible academic salesperson (sometimes direct, sometimes a specialized partner). 

The Mendix University Program is available here

Academic licenses for students and interns doing project work at customer sites 

In some cases, the Siemens Academic Partner Program can support students from universities if they are going to work on their final thesis with customers or companies for the purpose of publishing a paper. There are a few things to note about the academic license terms: 

  • Academic licenses may not be issued to an individual, only to universities/ schools (legal body). The supervising professor or appropriate campus representative will first need to accept Siemens’ terms. Then, he/she can provide access to the students, but also must ensure the academic license conditions are observed 
  • All results must be made available to the public or published in the public domain. If a customer or company requires a blocking notice, a commercial license will be needed to complete the work 
  • Academic licenses may not be installed on customer/company hardware, only on university or student hardware 
  • The process to acquire academic licenses also starts with the grant application form (GAF

If these requirements do not meet your needs, please reach out and request discounted commercial licenses. 

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