NX 9 News and Information

By Dora Smith

NX design

If you are teaching NX, see what’s new in NX 9. Complete information can be found on the NX 9 website. To get started on what’s new, view this overview video.

Check out new design tools like:

  • synchronous technology for 2D data editing

  • a new freefrom shape design toolset (NX Realize Shape)

  • tighter PLM integration through Active Workspace

large cam image.jpg

It’s also interesting to note that NX 9 builds on 50 years of CAM software development.


New CAM features include:

  • new cut region management capability

  • new multiple-part programming capability

  • enhanced tilt tool axis function 

  • automated programming of sheet metal parts

There are also many new simulation features in NX 9, including mesh morphing, parallel thermal solver and interactive articulation options.

Learn more on the NX 9 website and on this community -reach out to our NX experts in the NX Design Forum and NX Manufacturing Forum.

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