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By Christina DePinto

The future is digital, and the computer engineering business is only projected to grow. So, why not get ahead and learn from some of the industry’s best? Siemens Digital Industries Software is proud to be the software partner for a brand new MOOC,  Digital Design, developed by Professors David Harris, Sarah Harris and Josha Brake of Harvey Mudd College.

What exactly is a Mooc?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and is a style of open learning where course content from universities and industry is free for anyone, anywhere, anytime to access. Different MOOCs may have fees associated with certificates of completion or various credentialing options, but the content is freely available to all. Siemens is excited to partner with leading universities to bring industrial-strength software, industry perspective and subject matter expertise to the open learning environment.

What will I learn?

This 7-week MOOC is taught by Harvey Mudd faculty, Joshua Brake and  David Harris. The class is the first step to computer engineering and will introduce you to concepts that will help you design digital systems and prepare for more advanced coursework. You’ll also learn how to simulate digital circuits with ModelSim PE Student Edition. Additional learning outcomes include:

  • Build digital systems at levels of abstraction from transistors through circuits and logic
  • Manage complexity using the digital abstraction, static and dynamic disciplines, and hierarchical design
  • Design and implement combinational and sequential digital circuits using schematics and hardware description languages
  • Analyze and trade off performance, cost, and power consumption of digital circuits
  • Begin the practice of implementing and debugging digital systems with appropriate lab techniques including breadboarding and interpreting datasheets

How much does it cost?

Students can take the course for FREE. To add to the experience and show off your skills to employers you can add a verified certificate for $149, but this is not required.

Alright, you’ve sold me…How do I sign up?

For more information on the course and how to sign up, click here. The course begins on January 25th so hurry and sign-up before the deadline!

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