Kindergarten / Pre-School „Power Electronics Workshop“

By youheng.dong

The Kindergarten „Power Electronics Workshop“ is the next level of engaging with future engineers. In two groups of 6 kids between 4 and 6, the basic concepts of voltage, currents, power supplies, and the functionality of LEDs were explained. For this, simple motion plays were used. The kids switched to the role of an electron to see the potential differences in charge between (number of kids) two points. They also saw the effect of the two types of charge movements such as diffusion and drift movement. In an obstacle course, the kids replicated the path of an electron over a PN junction (high obstacle) and emitted a photon by throwing a ball. 

The physical exercise was followed by designing an LED paper circuit and assembling the SITOP PSU8600 Lego set. The paper circuit was verified with a multimeter before performing the function test. 

After one hour (per ground), each kid got a piece of Lego, the paper circuit and a certificate work the workshop. 

The whole workshop was created as a fun and fantastic experience for the kids.

Siemens is invited to repeat this workshop every year from now.

Everything started with a large  order of 10 SITOP PSU8600 lego  sets  from  the  internal  store: 

Already the way to the kindergarten was much fun. 

Before the first group stepped into the lab was well prepared. 

The tape of the paper circuit was more challenging to handle and the first real challenge. 

Before doing a function test, the paper circuit was verified using a multimeter. 

Each circuit was tested individually, and the kids were happy that they did the designs the first time right. 

Before starting the assembly of the Siemens SITOP PSU8600, the instructor went through the manufacturing documentation.

The lego set was divided into three smaller sub-assemblies. To guarantee success. The helping hand of the kindergarten teacher was more than welcome. 

Some kids were faster, others a bit slower, but we were on the team and had one goal! We may see here a next Siemens Employee. 

We at Siemens learn cyber security, and for this reason, no faces are visible. 

Both groups passed the workshop with flying colours.  

Each kid earned the certificate.

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