Global Plant Simulation Challenge Task 1 Winner Announcement

Stuttgart, 28 September 2022

Winner of the Plant Simulation Challenge Task 1 for Students

We are pleased to announce that Wichai Khamphirawut has won the first Plant Simulation Challenge for students! Congratulations for this great achievement! Wichai has already received the Microsoft Surface Go3 and his winner badge!

How does the Siemens Digital Industries Software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Award work?

In this ambitious competition for students of all educational branches, the participants submit their solution for our task.

Our jury analyzes each submitted solution individually, checking correctness of the solution, creativity, use of object-orientation, hierarchization and tools such as Experiment Manager and others. The jury then awards up to 100 points and select the best solutions and awards a prize.

The jury was overwhelmed by the number of participants and the creativity of the submitted solutions. In addition, the quality of the solutions was excellent. Overall, over 80% of all submitted solutions were correct! We never expected that students from China, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, India, Kazakhstan, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom would participate!

Following the evaluation of the submitted solutions, Plant Simulation Badges were sent to all successful participants.

Now the winners have been selected and have received their awards.

What were the challenges?

Simulate and analyze a battery charging station for a highway station.

As the cars do not arrive at equal intervals, but in a statistically distributed intervals, the challenge became quite tricky. In addition, the length of the car and the available length of the waiting line had to be considered.

First, the average waiting times in front of the charging stations had to be calculated for a given number of batteries charging stations at the gas station. In addition, the maximum number of cars to be handled per hour on average had to be found.

Then a proposal had be developed for the optimal number of automobile charging stations for the operator of the battery charging station. An important aspect to be considered was the contribution margin per charging process for the operator of the battery charging stations.

What’s next?

If you would like to participate in one of the future Plant Simulation challenges, you can download the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Student version here for free:

You can participate in the next Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Challenge here:

To start working with Plant Simulation, we provide a series of seven tutorials includes exercises and model files here:

An exemplary solution for the Plant Simulation Challenge is available on YouTube under

If you are looking for regular updates about activities in the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation environment, visit us here on our LinkedIn group:

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Winner Portraits

First prize winner: Wichai Khamphirawut with his brand-new Microsoft Surface Go 3, 10 inch 2-in-1 Tablet (Intel Pentium Gold, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Windows 11 Home S) Platin. Wichai lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He likes to study new innovations. that may cause the world to change. This makes him feel that he is up to date, not out of trend.

We liked to hear his statement, that “Plant Simulation is a software that is easy to understand”. Previously, he thought it was 2D only as an image icon, but seeing more development in 3D, it made it more interesting to study!

Wichai learned Plant Simulation by watching YouTube and by studying the samples in the Small Example collection that comes with the software. It looks like a simple but very useful way. As basic as a concept and it can be further developed as well.

The winner of the second prize is Zoltán Vén, of Budapest, Hungary. Zoltán received a powerful Bluetooth wireless speaker and a digital badge acknowledging him as a Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Champion!

The third price went to Jingjie Wang, from China.

We congratulate Jingjie Wang, from Kunming in China for winning the 3rd price. Jingjie received a connected Smart Watch and a digital badge acknowledging him as a true Plant Simulation Champion!

We conducted an interview with Jingjie. Learn more about his journey and success story here!

The Winner Badges are certified, this means that earners have demonstrated the ability to model, simulate, analyze, visualize, and optimize production systems, logistics, and processes with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. Earners can show champion level approaches to solve given tasks with Plant Simulation challenges hosted by the Siemens Innovation Ecosystem. Earning Criteria is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner based on the following criteria: If the solution solves the problem posed, innovation and creativity, incorporation of engineering principles, model justification, 3D modeling capabilities, and additional evaluations and ideas exceeding the general question.

Plant Simulation Challenge Participant Badges prove, that earners of this designation have demonstrated the ability to model, simulate, analyze, visualize, and optimize production systems, logistics, and processes with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and create digital twins. Plant Simulation Challenge Participant Badge earners are able to show their approaches to solve given tasks with Plant Simulation challenges hosted by the Siemens Innovation Ecosystem.

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