Chinese student interns share experiences studying remotely

Jiajun Kang, Jianmiao Xu, Donghai Yang and Runze Yu are current student interns. Kang and Xu are students of Tongji University. Yang and Yu study in Huazhong University of Science and Technology of Wuhan. This is an article about their daily lab work and their study and work during COVID-19 and share some of their recent experiences with you.

Professor Tiancai Ma’s laboratory in Tongji University

The main research fields of the laboratory are: the system of fuel cell vehicle, especially the automotive electronic control system. Jiajun Kang studies in designing hardware of fuel cell, for example, design of CVM, which is used as a single chip voltage inspector. Jianmiao Xu studies in developing software and design control strategy of fuel cell car.

The main research fields of the laboratory are: the system of fuel cell vehicle, especially the automotive electronic control system. Jiajun Kang studies in designing hardware of fuel cell, for example, design of CVM, which is used as a single chip voltage inspector. Jianmiao Xu studies in developing software and design control strategy of fuel cell car.

Jiajun Kang (working on PCB design, tools: PADS)

PADS® is a very powerful PCB design toolset with practical functions such as schematic design, automatic PCB routing and circuit simulation. In my work, I mainly use PADS to draw schematic diagrams, maintain component libraries, and simulate high-power, high-speed and other sensitive signals. Our laboratory has designed a multi-channel data acquisition system using PADS software, which is mainly used to collect and analyze battery parameters.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our research and development process was greatly affected due to the temporary closure of universities and laboratories. Thanks to Siemens and Mentor software, they are powerful enough to allow us to work or study from home. Nevertheless, a pandemic will inevitably bring death, affect economic development, and disrupt normal social order. Therefore, please follow the local government’s disease prevention and control measures, and pay attention to individuals. I sincerely hope that this pandemic will come to an end as soon as possible and that everyone will spend it safely.

Jianmiao Xu (working on automotive network electronic network design, tools: Volcano VSX)

AUTOSAR is the new trend in the automotive industry. Our laboratory has Mentor’s academic software. Besides that, lab also brought the VSX and its software services, for example BSW of the AUTOSAR. There are several on-going projects in lab which need meet AUTOSAR standard. Yanfeng’s project is one of those. We help this company design a fuel cell vehicle controller include hardware and software. Its software development flow chart is as or below.

In those kits, we mainly use the VSX to do development work. There are two parts in VSX. We use VSA to design the system architecture, such as communication structure and functional framework. We use VSB to complete the configuration of the underlying driver.

Because the COVID-19 provoke people panic, the cities are so cold that many shopping centers and factories are closed. This disease is so terrible that cause the economic downturn and endanger our life safety. Therefore, our life-style has been changed from offline to online. But It maybe a new opportunity for the world. 5G, IOT, online work software have been the hottest topic during the COVID-19 pandemic.
No matter how cold it is, spring will come as scheduled. What we have to do is to protect ourselves, build up the momentum and prepare for tomorrow’s run. Let’ all become a “hero”, unite as one, form a strong joint force, and win the war without gunpowder.

Professor Zhenglin Liu’s laboratory in Huazhong University of Science and Technology

The main research directions of their laboratory are: security chip design, Internet of Vehicles Security Management, FLASH life prediction, and driverless cars. The chips and instruments shown in the picture below are closely related to our research contents. We are currently working on IPSec processor. In the early design, we used the simulation and code coverage functions of ModelSim to make UT simulation process smoother. And when we set up UVM Models for IT simulation, using QuestaSim to make it more efficient.

Runze Yu (working on IC verification, tools: Questa)

Questa supports System Verilog and system C to realize high level cross design and debugging。In the IPSec project, we use Questa combined with UVM for system-level simulation. We use Questa to build a verification platform to ensure verification completeness and test each feature。When an abnormal situation is found, open the waveform tool to locate the problem。
Questa can provide us with functional coverage and code coverage, and find problems within the system very efficiently. Now other students in our lab also use this software for chip front-end verification.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic broke the atmosphere of reunion, the epidemic was fierce, and the Chinese panicked. All aspects of the country and society have been greatly affected, and the numbers are cold and rational expressions. During the months of resting at home, I also understood a lot: 1. Health is important; 2. Don’t care about the past, don’t worry about the future, cherish the present, and do your best; 3. Work hard to make money and learn to save money, so there is possibility of fighting risk; 4. Pay more attention to your feelings, and also care about your close relatives and good friends. It is always them who care most about you during disasters.

Donghai Yang (working on IC simulation, tools: ModelSim)

Using the ModelSim the simulation can be scripted, saving the waveform comparison time, which makes the work more efficient. When I perform UT simulation, the function of code coverage can help me know whether every line of code has been simulated or not. And when I verify the system functionality, support for System Verilog allows me to implement more complicated incentives, avoiding the cumbersome enumeration of simulation case.

Both my parents and sister are medical workers. After the COVID-19 broke out, they held on to their posts all the time. I also had not seen them for almost two months. So the deepest feeling for this COVID-19 is that the responsibility is far greater than everything else. Because of their responsibility, they are struggling on the front line of fighting the COVID-19 and bringing hope to the patients. At the same time, during the COVID-19, I also found that research directions such as contactless distribution and remote conference connection became popular, and also provided strong support for our work during the COVID-19. Technology has changed lives. I hope I can take my responsibility, and strive to make my contribution to the progress of society.

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