Bulb Digital Portfolio Siemens Collection empowers K-12 Learners with resources for students and educators

By youheng.dong

Do you believe a learner is more than a letter or number grade? How can someone, especially in K-12, show what they do? How do they think along setbacks and growth? 

Bulb is here for professionals, educators, and students to demonstrate their work in school, career, and life! Bulb is a digital portfolio that allows learners of any age to highlight authentic thinking by providing a platform to organize, share, and showcase their work, which they can keep forever. 

Through multimedia forms of presentation, K-12 students especially, have a place to document their growth over time (class to class, grade-to-grade).  This has allowed students to make cross-curricular connections ,adding  artifacts from all different classes into one platform. Since Bulb is an easy-to-use, visually appealing, and professional platform, students take pride in building and showcasing their portfolios.

Siemens Global Academic Team has partnered with Bulb to pilot a K-12 STEM Collection for Bulb’s 1M+ users in 153 countries and all 50 states. The Bulb Digital Portfolio Siemens collection is also available to non-Bulb users to obtain the resources. However, Bulb users can utilize their unlimited storage space and copy templates to showcase their learning journey.

With Siemens’s commitment to empowering K-12 learners to create a more innovative and sustainable future, Bulb allows Siemens to help students along their journey to become industry leaders! 

The Exploring Stem with Siemens Collection currently includes two sub-collections: Primary and Secondary.

  • In the Primary collection, young learners can read the Exploring with Sammie book, listen to the book being read, and use templates to record their experiments, findings and overall reflections. Stay tuned for a Sammie video game coming soon! 
  • In the Secondary collection, middle school-aged students can quickly be guided through the Hour of Engineering link and provided with reflection templates.

Both sub-collections contain teacher guides that teachers created. Bulb will be promoting the Siemens collection to their users with an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in contests using the collection during Engineering week, Feb. 19-25. Students and educators in these contests will capture their interaction with the Siemens collection and show their learning, growth, and reflection with their bulb portfolio. Prizes will be available!

More will be added to the collection as the Global Academic team K-12 resources grow. Students, teachers, Siemens employees, and anyone can leverage Bulb and its powerful features!

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