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As a part of our customers’ transformations, it’s critical that soon-to-be graduates are learning state-of-the-art technologies and understand how their education will be used in their careers. The partnership between faculty, students and industry is critical and RealizeLIVE enables that partnership to flourish.

Del Costy (Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Americas for Siemens Digital Industries Software)

The annual Realize LIVE America and Realize LIVE Europe user conferences demonstrated how transformation starts in the classroom and accelerates through industry to bring us all into the future of innovation. Realize LIVE is Siemens Digital Industries Software’s flagship user conference, where thousands of Siemens users gather to exchange technical tips and insights, share challenges and success stories, and advance innovation. 

Academic sessions joined students, educators and industry leaders, and highlighted three topics of how industry transformation starts from academia: university partnerships presented by students and faculties, innovative technology and resources in academia, and preparing students for professional development. 

1. University Partnerships presented by students and faculty

Siemens is committed to providing schools with its technology and resources to promote world-class education and training and empower future generations of engineering, technology, and digital talents. Sessions led by Siemens employees, university professors, and students discussed ways to bring digital transformation to the industry. The partnership between Siemens, universities, and corporations is a promising practice to bridge the gap between industry and academia. 

University students reflected on their experience in the engineering design competition hosted by Siemens Digital Industries Software and university partnerships. They found it surprisingly easy to work with Siemens 3D CAD software Solid Edge. Another session highlighted the importance of collaborative reviews in design education using Siemens NX Virtual Reality. Design education is vastly based on project-based courses where students learn while working on real-world problems. As the main advantages of Siemens NX Virtual Reality, engineering students can work on real-world problems, while receiving prompt feedback on their solutions. Turn to Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia episode on the Innovation in the Classroom Podcast, where award-winning professor Bill Oaks explains a similar concept of “experiential learning.”

Collaborative reviews in design education Using Siemens NX Virtual Reality

2. Innovative Technology and Resources Transforms Academia


Educators shared their experiences using Siemens NX software in teaching. NX Automation software helped streamline grading student projects in large classes. These automation tools address important criteria for academic grading that reflect industry standards. Teaching with NX can bring the real world into the real classroom. Students shared that “NX is innovative, intuitive, and cutting-edge.” As part of their experience in NX academy, they acknowledged that receiving an NX certification is an industry-recognized credential demonstrating an understanding of the core NX skills and knowledge.


Siemens Xcelerator provides the engineering and manufacturing software, services, and application development platform to blur the boundaries between industry domains. Companies can use this technology today to build the products of tomorrow. Siemens Portfolio managers introduced the Xcelerator Academy and its learning offerings. Xcelerator Academy is the one place for learning, implementing, and developing apps with the Xcelerator Portfolio. Students can get started on their digital transformation journey with Xcelerator Academy and keep up with the ever-evolving innovation of the Xcelerator Portfolio.

3. Preparing Students for Professional Development – Industry 4.0

The industry faces not only the challenge of adopting evolving technology trends like Digitalization or Industry 4.0, but they are also in a so-called “war for talent” to find the right new employees capable of driving a digital change. Leaders from academia and industry present how the Siemens academic program and support address the implications of a demographic change, the supply of new talent, and what digital skills are expected from talent entering the workforce. 

The digital twin for CNC training

University professors noted a new engineering education paradigm for a new generation of engineers by smart integration of simulation software across the engineering curriculum. The new education design introduces simulation tools in fundamental courses across the curriculum through a new educational approach. Students can thus improve learning by directly connecting theories to practical applications. From the industry perspective, the Siemens academic program also helps support Siemens customers to recruit the future talents they will need to drive their digitalization story. By leveraging the global academic program, Siemens is assisting companies to reach out to universities to find adequate future workforce.

How the academic program from Siemens DI Software support our customers

Developing the next generation of digital talent requires real-world experience with industry-preferred software, which can help prepare students for the digital enterprise. Siemens Digital Industries Software will help ensure students have the skills necessary to succeed in the Industry 4.0 world. Through our partnerships, resources, and innovative software updates, Siemens Digital Industries Software is helping empower the next generation of designers, engineers, and manufacturers. We empower lifelong learners to create a more innovative sustainable future.

It’s important for educators and students to be a part of Realize LIVE in order to stay connected with the opportunities and challenges being addressed by Industry.

-Del Costy

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