Learn how we’re inspiring the workforce of tomorrow in these academic sessions at Realize LIVE

By Ian Mark

Siemens Empowers Education and Startups could not be more excited for Realize LIVE Americas! From May 13-16, we’ll be hosting a variety of actionable and impactful sessions about education, bridging the skills gap, inspiring the next generation of engineers and more in Reef A of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center. 

To give you a sense of the academic sessions you can look forward to at this event, check out the following session descriptions along with quotes from the presenters themselves. 

Introducing digital transformation to executives and other decision makers 

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for successfully navigating today’s highly competitive and complex marketplace. In this session, participants will learn about an innovative course created solely to help decision makers understand the digital landscape and create a winning strategy for digital transformation. 

“The implications of technology are so profound, it is imperative for those in business – not just engineers and technical personnel, but everyone, including executives – to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformation.” 

– Fram Akiki, President and Co-founder, Joun Technologies 

Reef A 
Monday, May 13 
2:45pm PDT – 3:30pm PDT 

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Finding the right talent: connecting through credentials with Siemens Empowers Education and Start-Ups 

With the skills gap growing by the day, it’s increasingly important that businesses find new ways to source qualified candidates. This session will cover how the Siemens Empowers Education and Startups team is collaborating with both commercial clients and academic partners to address the skills gap with a new digital badging credentialing program. 

“The skills gap is one of the most pressing challenges facing companies today, and it’s crucial that we find creative ways to address that. Participants of this session will learn how the Siemens Empowers Education and Startups team is addressing the gap between academia and industry with a new digital badging credentialing program through Credly. In my experience, conference sessions can get a little dry at times – which is why I’m incorporating a mystery theme in my session! We’ll be “taking the mystery” out of hiring for the right Siemens skill and beyond. 

“In particular, participants will uncover the mystery of how employers can use badges to address talent shortages and better evaluate the workforce readiness of candidates. We’ll also explore how participants can use our digital badging program through the Credly talent directory feature to find talent with specific Siemens Software Skills.” 

– Belinda Medellin, Global Academics Specialist, Siemens 

Reef A 
Tuesday, May 14 
10:30am PDT – 11:15am PDT 

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Working together for the future: connecting industry and education 

When companies and schools work together, everyone benefits. In this session, we’ll be diving into why it’s so important for companies and schools to team up and why it’s critical to understand what makes Generation Z employees unique. We’ll also offer some practical tips for working with educators in your ecosystem to prepare the future workforce. 

“Participants in this session will gain valuable insights into the importance of collaboration between industry and education, specifically focusing on preparing for the entry of Generation Z into the workforce. Attendees will understand the unique characteristics of Generation Z and why it’s vital for companies to connect with educational institutions.” 

“Practical tips and best practices will be shared, equipping participants with actionable strategies to effectively partner with educators and prepare a skilled future workforce. This session will also offer networking opportunities, fostering dialogue and potential collaborations among professionals passionate about workforce development and educational synergy. Ultimately, attendees will leave with a clear roadmap to initiate or strengthen industry-education partnerships in their own contexts.” 

– Jason Bruns, Director, Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence 

Reef A 
Tuesday, May 14 
2:00pm PDT – 2:45pm PDT 

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Navigating the college experience: insights from Siemens students 

As an industry professional, it can be hard to know what the college experience is like for today’s students and how it affects their workforce preparedness. In this session, a Siemens Student Ambassador offers insights into his own experience along with practical advice for connecting and collaborating with the next generation. 

“I’m excited to share my unique perspective on how college is changing in real-time due to the impact of AI and technology in the global economy. In our panel discussion, we’ll dive into the implications, challenges and remarkable opportunities that come with academia embracing this transformation.”

– Presenter Ayman Suhrawardy, Student, Wayne State University

Reef A 
Tuesday, May 14
3:15pm PDT – 4:00pm PDT 

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Industry and academia: collaborating to solve the workforce development crisis in the aerospace industry 

With support from three leading industry organizations, the Experimental Aircraft Association developed AeroEducate, a program designed to broaden all youth’s access to the world of aviation. In this session, we’ll take a look at AeroEducate as an example of how companies can form closer partnerships with universities to nurture and develop tomorrow’s top aerospace talent. 

“Participants will have a chance to hear about the components and direction of a fruitful partnership between academia and industry. Attendees will see an approach to collaboration along with learning about resources available to support educators and the future aviation industry.” 

– Kevin Sutton, Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University 

Reef A 
Wednesday, May 15 
3:15pm PDT – 4:00pm PDT 

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