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Enhancing pharmaceutical process design with simulation 

How digitalization is transforming pharmaceutical scale-up from lab to production  The pharmaceutical industry has always been a challenging business due...

Employee Spotlight

Emily Daly (Bargardi)

Emily Daly (Bargardi) has been at Siemens for over seven years, during which time her titles have ranged from intern...

Semiconductor Packaging

Embracing physical design IP reuse as a best practice

Efficiency in IC package design is becoming more important as design cycles shorten and complexity surges. One common approach to...


Polarion4U - 23-24 September - Hamburg Germany

The Polarion user conference is a highly anticipated event that brings together a diverse community of users, experts, and enthusiasts...

Automotive & Transportation

Add precision and efficiency to automotive manufacturing with end-to-end traceability

Learn how you can add precision and efficiency to automotive manufacturing with end-to-end traceability using state-of-the-art RTLS and identification technologies.

Cre8Ventures (Siemens EDA)

Empowering Semiconductor Startups: Siemens Cre8Ventures and the University of Cambridge’s impulse Programme

The semiconductor industry is driving advancements across various technological fields, making the support for emerging startups crucial. Siemens Cre8Ventures and the University of Cambridge's impulse Programme have formed a strategic partnership to empower semiconductor startups in Europe. By combining the educational excellence of the impulse Programme with Siemens Cre8Ventures' advanced technological resources and funding opportunities, this initiative creates a robust support system for innovators. With expert mentorship, hands-on learning, and access to cutting-edge silicon digital twin marketplaces, startups are equipped to optimize their designs and navigate the complexities of market entry. This collaboration stands as a testament to the potential of merging academic and industry expertise to foster technological innovation and economic growth.

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Insights on AAM Autonomy from Automotive Part Two – Inside AAM

Autonomous advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles are a goal for multiple companies working in the sector. Some are planning to...

Thought Leadership

Insights on AAM Autonomy from Automotive Part Two – Transcript

In this episode of Talking Aerospace Today, Todd Tuthill and Nand Kochhar continue their discussion on what advanced air mobility...

Siemens Software Podcast Network

Ep 1 - Introducing On the Move: A Siemens Automotive Podcast with Nand Kochhar

The automotive and transportation industries are in the middle of a transformation in how vehicles are designed, made, and sold....