IC design in digital transformation

We are living in an age of ever accelerating digital innovation. World-wide knowledge, commerce and communication are literally at our fingertips and accessible at any time. This is Industry 4.0, a new age of digitalization, which is rapidly changing how we live, travel, conduct business and communicate. This pace of digital transformation will accelerate even more rapidly as more companies begin to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will increase the amount of data produced.

Adopting a robust digital presence is necessary. Siemens EDA is dedicated to helping more companies advance in their digital transformation and engineer a smarter future faster.

IC design in digital transformation

Many systems and ecosystems companies today are preferring to develop their own ICs or are hiring semiconductor companies to develop custom ICs, or application-specific ICs (ASICs), specifically for their end-systems. This has led to better power, performance and area optimization while offering competitive differentiation from the same off-the-shelf chips.

One ecosystem company exemplifying how internal IC development and scaling has reaped many benefits is Tesla. Tesla developed its own book-size, self-driving computer product that reportedly outperformed an off-the-shelf, trunk-size product by 2.5x while also conserving 10x more energy.

Tesla embraced digitalization and has consistently introduced disruptive innovations to the world. The company is earning its iconic leadership positions and digitalization dominance by creating their own SoCs.

The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, a comprehensive suite of software, services and a low-code application development platform which includes Siemens EDA, is helping companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises to follow in this formula for success.

Today semiconductor industry growth is driven by key digitalization trends mostly centered around data, which is expected to skyrocket over the next decade due in large part to more businesses becoming digitalized and thus consuming and generating more data.

Siemens EDA is dedicated to helping more companies advance in their digital transformation and engineer a smarter future faster.

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