Manufacturers are embracing complexity, not fighting it

By Steve Hartman

Products continue to increase in complexity, get smarter, and become more connected. That’s why embracing product complexity has never been more crucial to a manufacturer. Meeting this challenge requires manufacturers to become more digital in their approach.

In Creating a Flexible, Open, Lifecycle Value Chain, CIMdata discusses how manufacturers are facing increased complexity at all levels. However, with an enterprise manufacturing platform that spans product development, manufacturing, and service, companies are using technology to turn complexity into their competitive advantage.

Manufacturing Enterprise Innovation Platform (MEIP)

CIMdata defines a manufacturing enterprise innovation platform as a specific configuration of domain-specific innovation platforms designed to enable and optimize an enterprise’s end-to-end and complete set of lifecycle activities. Siemens’ Xcelerator is recognized as such a platform.

This eBook will show how Siemens provides manufacturers in all industries the opportunity to embrace digital transformation and use the software, services and applications within Xcelerator to future-proof their company.

Dealing with change is imperative for survival in today’s digital environment. Read CIMdata’s Creating a Flexible, Open, Lifecycle Value Chain now and learn why it’s so important for manufacturing enterprises to create a comprehensive, actionable digital twin and manage the complete product lifecycle from creation through production and service.

Key takeaways from the enterprise manufacturing eBook include:

  1. Evolution is necessary for survival—today’s complex, smart, connected products require manufacturers to digitally evolve within the context of their extended enterprise ecosystem.
  2. Successful enterprises will turn complexity management into a competitive advantage.
  3. Companies need to establish an enterprise manufacturing platform that spans development, manufacturing, and service.
  4. Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio delivers a comprehensive example of what CIMdata defines as a Manufacturing Enterprise Innovation Platform required by companies to enable a digital enterprise of the future, today.

> Read Creating a Flexible, Open, Lifecycle Value now

> Explore the software, services and applications in Xcelerator

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