Complexity as a competitive advantage with Xcelerator

By Steve Hartman

Creating the products of the future comes with a whole host of complexity. It’s no longer enough for products to be high-quality, cost-efficient or safe. Today customers demand personalized, sustainable, smart and integrated products.

But these complexities can turn into a competitive advantage if you leverage digitalization.

The Xcelerator portfolio, from Siemens Digital Industries Software, is a catalyst for the digital enterprise. It’s used by startups, multinational manufacturers and even family-owned suppliers. It can give your company the opportunity to manage complexity, reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Xcelerator: Turning product complexity into a competitive advantage

Learn more about how the Xcelerator portfolio helps companies turn complexity into a competitive advantage with:

  • Comprehensive digital twin technology
  • Personalized and adaptable solutions, and
  • An open ecosystem

Power into the future with Xcelerator

Uniti: Digital twin technology helping to design, realize and optimize an electric vehicle in fewer than 24 months

Check out Xcelerator in action and see how electric vehicle startup Uniti designed, realized and optimized an electric vehicle in less than 24 months.


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