New Course Release: EDM Library for Librarians

By Siemens Xcelerator Academy

EDM Library for Librarians (LATEST)

New course EDM Library for Librarians is now available in classroom/remote online and on-demand (ODT) formats.  This content has been added to the Xpedition on-demand Training Library and is immediately available to the subscribers of this library.

  • EDM Library for Librarians¬† is updated to the VX.2.7 of the Xpedition software, and is released as a new course.
  • This update contains 1 chapter with all NEW videos, knowledge checks, and labs that are developed and tested in VX.2.7.
  • This new release contains the following chapters:
    • EDM Overview
    • EDM Library Cockpit Interface
    • Loading a Central Library
    • Library Editing Environment
    • Library Part Creation
    • Library Filtering and Cache Management
    • Databook Configuration & 3D Model Management

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