Beyond Industry 4.0: Industry event in Sweden

By Sagi Reuven

How to Transform a Buzz-word into Manufacturing Excellence in Electronics

According to google, the term “industry 4.0” is 4 times more popular today in comparison with 2016. We all use it, we all know about it & we all talk about it. But how do we really implement it? Where and how to start? Robotics? Big Data? Additive Manufacturing? Manufacturing Execution Systems? Can we get an ROI with such implementations?

In the upcoming meeting in Sweden, the focus will be Closed-Loop Manufacturing. This free-of-charge two-day event offers you the opportunity to learn how Siemens makes it happen. Closed Loop Manufacturing enables ongoing improvement of cost, time, and quality of the manufacturing process to accelerate product delivery.
In the electronics session, you will have the opportunity to learn about our innovative approach to value-driven digitalization solutions.

Join us in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 28-29! Register here.

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