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Cybersecurity protects and manages industrial automation for clinical trials manufacturing

By Blake Snodgrass

Cybersecurity thwarts cyber-attacks and unauthorized access by collecting methods, technologies, and processes to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks, and data. The medical community is one of many industries where cybersecurity is vital to the privacy and integrity of patient information.

In a recent Siemens article, they discuss The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. The Centre, led by CPI, is revolutionizing the care of the UK-based independent technology innovation organization, bringing pharmaceutical giants like GSK and AstraZeneca, the University of Strathclyde, UK Research and Innovation, together with over 25 technology companies fast-tracking clinical trial manufacturing. Subsequently, this collaboration with Siemens further uses a digital twin, industrial automation, and cybersecurity technologies to ensure seamless digital processes and a secure digital enterprise.

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Conducting clinical trials when manufacturing medicine is complex, lengthy, and costly. With increasing global medical demand, the pharma industry faces much pressure to produce in more rapid cycles.

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre operates in a model where the pharmaceutical industry and its supply chain work cohesively to find and overcome industry hurdles like reducing the time, resources, and cost of medicines manufacturing, thus delivering benefits to patients, according to Dave Berry, Head of Digital Business Systems, at CPI’s Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre.

The Centre leverages the digital enterprise to address today’s manufacturing challenges with Siemens’ fully integrated, best-in-class technology. Also, the Tecnomatix Plant simulation’s digital twin allows pharmaceutical companies to implement automation module testing and avoid roadblocks.

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“Modeling allows us to stay within tight specifications; from a Grand Challenge perspective, we are reducing waste,” says Dave Berry, Head of Digital Business Systems At CPI’s Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. 

The Siemens industrial automation system applies to all layers: the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and network to the MES down to the control level. At the Centre, there is the potential to manufacture clinical trial batches at the individual level, where security is paramount. It is essential to protect personal and company data from cyberattacks. 

“Siemens’ Defense in Depth security approach provides comprehensive and extensive protection on three levels – the plant, the network, and the system – leading the way to a secure Digital Enterprise,” says Michael Metzler, Vice President, Horizontal Management Cybersecurity for Digital Industries at Siemens.

When operations are secure, the team’s focus is optimization. And when the process is automated and digitalized, it reduces waste. In scope one and two, we understand what’s occurring digitally, and in scope three, we address sustainability and carbon emissions within the pharmaceutical industry.

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