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PLM SaaS in the cloud – preconfigured capabilities delivering technology and scalable solutions

By Blake Snodgrass

In today’s marketplace, companies have many demands to reduce development costs, improve productivity, and increase quality while adapting to a changing market with growing customer demands, shorter lead time and global partners.

Therefore, stakeholders need secure access to current, reliable information on a product’s lifecycle – in the office, at home, on the shop floor or globally. To help manage and collaborate with product and manufacturing information and processes, Siemens Digital Industries Software offers software using the most used product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolio. There is also a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery option for instant-on software adoption. It builds on Siemens’ experience in PLM to help companies get going and quickly grow. In addition, the software is easy for people to deliver and use across a business to participate in the product lifecycle processes.

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Siemens’ Teamcenter X provides instant-on access to preconfigured PLM capabilities with an easy user experience based on standard industry best practices. It assists in managing and sharing information that accelerates product-related processes to successfully address the most precious asset – engineering knowledge. In addition, it allows users who work in the office or remotely to connect to the internet to securely access product lifecycle information and collaborate on processes across a business to fully realize the benefits of PLM.

A modern, scalable cloud SaaS will deliver technology and a broad range of cloud solutions with years of industry expertise behind it. It assists companies of various sizes in quickly realizing value without the information technology (IT) resources conventionally used with PLM deployments. So, companies can choose from a selection of preconfigured engineering and business solutions that deliver instantaneous results with options to add more capabilities as a business grows. Therefore, selecting a preconfigured cloud SaaS delivery reduces the costs of consulting and maintenance. All the operations and maintenance, including upgrades, continue to run with the most recent software updates, managed by Siemens. The flexible SaaS financial model includes setup, administration, operations management services and upgrades, and getting a company up and running quickly and cost-effectively for a quick ROI.

This evolutionary, unique software provides complete access to valuable capabilities. For example:

  • MCAD and ECAD integrations help realize the value of PLM inside the design environment with mechanical, electrical and electronic design tools of choice.
  • Change management assists in knowing how to manage the complete scope of change data, people and processes.
  • Classification helps organize product information effectively to allow people access to the correct product information rapidly.
  • Program management helps develop complex products via integrated planning and execution in a single system.
  • Requirements management captures and delivers requirements to everyone connected to product development to make smarter decisions.
  • Schedule manager plans programs, including their schedules, work tasks, dependencies, milestones, baselines and constraints.

A preconfigured SaaS PLM in the cloud, uses best-practice workflows to streamline and automate standard PLM processes like design release and change – for engineers and decision-makers throughout the product lifecycle.

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