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AI at Hannover Messe 2022

By Spencer Acain

Every year at Hannover Messe companies from all over the world showcase the latest innovative and ground-breaking technologies in diverse fields ranging from IT security to hydrogen fuel cells to artificial intelligence. For those of you the United States, Hannover Messe is one of the largest shows of its kind in Europe and the world, providing a forum for experts and world leaders to discuss trends in cutting-edge technology and advances in industry. If you cannot travel to Germany this June to attend Hannover Messe, you can attend virtually instead and get access to a wealth of content. Simply register here.

To me, one of the most exciting topics is the adoption of AI in industry and how that will continue to drive the transition to automation and Industry 4.0. Every year factories are getting smarter and more agile. Machines get connected via the industrial internet of things (IIoT), static conveyer belts are replaced by autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and linking it all together are powerful new AI models. These models sift through the countless bites of data generated by all these smart systems to optimize production schedules and even factory layouts.

Adopting smarter, connected systems in factories presents several conceptional challenges. In some cases, there is little or no perceived benefit for investing in the expensive project of outfitting factories for data collection because of the high cost of managing the data. In this case, adding AI might be the missing piece that justifies the upgrade. As for factories that have already embraced the move to IIoT, they often are overwhelmed by sheer amount of data generated daily by these devices. Here too, manufacturers can realize value from the data through the power of AI. Artificial intelligence is perfectly suited to easily collate the data coming out of a smart factory, while providing useful recommendations, action plans, and more. A presentation on how AI can be applied to factory operations is just one of many that will be happening at Hannover Messe. Check it out here.

AI in industry is a broad topic, from its applications, to what models to use, to what infrastructure it requires. Learning how to build and deploy the right kind of AI system, and when the move to AI is the right choice, are critical to the continued development of AI as an industrial tool. Discussion on this topic, including presentation of award-winning AI projects, are one of many topics covered at Hannover Messe.

Along with AI, deep learning is one of the most important topics when it comes to big data in the factory. Deep learning is a vital way to train an algorithm to make sense of the massive quantities of data available in a factory and has been of growing interest in the business sector for several years. But deep learning has both high economic and environmental costs due to the expense of building and running the large datacenters required for training, so it is important to consider the costs and benefits before committing to an expensive training project. Find out more about the impact of deep learning on business, and how its rise might be limited in the future at this presentation.

Touching on every topic covered at Hannover Messe, even just in the AI space, would turn this blog into a full-blown novel. To see all that is offered virtually regarding AI check it out their AI website. Industry experts from companies all over the world will be presenting on dozens of different AI-related topics over the course of the event, while experts and VIPs from countless other industries will have hundreds of presentations, panels, and discussions on a myriad of other fascinating topics. Register here to see the full list of exciting innovation that will be on display.

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