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Model-based is the future of product development

By Rita Tronel

One of the big questions customers are coming to us with is, “What will product development look like in ten years?” Currently, only a very small number of companies use a comprehensive Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) approach beyond the traditional 3D CAD model, yet the potential for a digital twin strategy to drive savings leading to a definite competitive advantage is mind boggling. To those who procrastinate digitization, a progressive transformation will make a lot of sense, evolving seamlessly and at their own pace from their current 3D model to a product digital twin, then to smart factory and supply chain digital twins, and possibly into a service digital twin, closing the loop of the product lifecycle management where real life feedback informs and optimizes the product itself as well as the design of the next generation.

By 2040, we expect MBEs to make breakthroughs in generative design for complex assemblies, automated design simulation, advanced manufacturing of complex assemblies, supply chain towers and data assets, information flow, and real-time insights, leaving those who favor old-fashioned approaches far behind.

How do you start the journey towards becoming an MBE?

Siemens’ preeminent digital product development and digital thread capabilities combined with Deloitte’s market-leading digital transformation experience, deep industry knowledge, and full breadth of services, can help your organization achieve better results and see improvements in development efficiency, faster time to market, reduction of product cost, and a decrease of cost of quality. We help our clients reimagine the product lifecycle so that everyone in the organization has insight into the process and can take advantage of the benefits of physical-to-digital-to-physical technology convergence. This way, you can fully leverage the value brought by Digital Twins and the Model-Based Enterprise.

Listen to this thought-provoking session from Siemens’ Realize LIVE 2021, you’ll hear from Brian Meeker, Product Strategy & Lifecycle Management practice leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Del Costy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Americas, for Siemens Digital Industries Software, as they discuss the monumental shift towards Model-Based Enterprises they see on the horizon.

Product Strategy & Lifecycle Management Leader

Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Americas

Siemens Digital Industries Software

The Siemens & Deloitte Alliance

Product development shouldn’t take years, and product improvement should be informed by fast, friction-free data. The Siemens & Deloitte Alliance helps customers reimagine the product life cycle so that everyone in the organization has insights into the process, and the benefits of the physical-to-digital-to-physical technology convergence can be fully taken advantage of.

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