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Xcelerator as a Service and the leap into the digital future

By Steve Hartman

What is it about the future that frightens everyone?

Is it the complexity within the products we use?

Is it the expectation that digital will cause more problems than it solves?

Siemens Digital Industries Software believes whole-heartedly in the digital future so much so that we created the largest portfolio of the best software and services and the brightest team to create Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS).

We’re proud of the capabilities of XaaS and feel that companies that are serious about competing in the future will find the benefits of our accessibility, scalability and flexibility to their liking.

Wherever you are, wherever your team, suppliers, partners, vendors or customers are located, they will be part of your open ecosystem and ensuring they’re accessing the most up-to-date designs and collaborating off a single source from any device, anywhere.

Let’s talk about your customers for a moment. Demands for smart, connected products complicates the design and engineering process. It makes products more complex and requires more intricate designs. How will you manage complexity to meet these needs?

From smart watches to electric aircraft, complexity is the future and should be embraced, not feared. We made XaaS so companies have all the weapons in their arsenal to turn complexity into their competitive advantage. Whether a new startup or a global enterprise, XaaS is scalable to meet your needs.

With so much at stake for companies of all sizes, it was imperative to get Xcelerator right.

That leads us to today.

Today is the first day of your and our digital future thanks to Xcelerator as a Service

This long journey has culminated from several strategic acquisitions over the years to bring together the best, the brightest and the right combination of software and services to meet the rapid pace of innovation.

It’s a problem solver, a way to turn complexity into your competitive advantage and it gives hope to a future where visionaries can dream the impossible and have the tools to innovate them into reality.

Imagine taking the next giant leap into the digital future and you’ll understand why today we’re excited to launch Xcelerator as a Service.

The wait is over. Today we launch Xcelerator as a Service.

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