We are ready to launch the Siemens and Volkswagen Startup Challenge!

By Stephanie Aldrete

The Startup Challenge, a joint event by Volkswagen and Siemens PLM Software, will be held on July 3, 2018.  The second annual competition will bring startups together with Volkswagen experts, to work on existing challenges in the manufacturing space.  Successful and innovative solutions will then be considered for collaboration with development teams from Siemens PLM software.  Six worthy start-up companies have been selected to participate in the event.  The team would like to express their gratitude to all the start-ups that applied for the competition.

The Challenges!

-Digital assistant for manufacturing engineers – Bring the digital assistant into the day-to-day of a Volkswagen manufacturing engineer. How could a digital assistant help an engineer plan a new assembly line? Use speech, AR/VR, chat-bots or any other technology according to your assessment, to design a digital assistant to help improve manufacturing engineering work processes.

-Master the maze of automotive factories –The VW factory in Wolfsburg is huge, covering close to 6,500,000 m2. Valuable equipment can often get lost or lost track of as it gets moved between different sectors in the factory. Use IoT or any other technologies you wish to design an application to help Volkswagen employees keep track of valuable equipment inside the factory.

-Visualize the VW factory from afar -VW has many factories all over the world. How to best visualize a remote factory site to help take important decisions from a distance? Use AR/VR or any other technologies you wish to design an application to help Volkswagen employees get oriented.

Siemens and Volkswagen have selected the following six companies to particpate:


Visit the blog the week of July 2 for updates.  In the meantime, for more information, visit the Startup Challenge website. 

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