What’s new in Teamcenter Product Cost Management?

Continuous innovation is a key component of our strategy for Teamcenter Product Cost Management. Uncover the new capabilities and improvements introduced in the version 8.5 and stay up-to-date with breaking news.

NX Feature2Cost

Tooling manufacturers can automatically and accurately determine tooling production costs using the module NX Feature2Cost, which identifies features on molded or stamped parts using the robust feature recognition capability. Since the geometrical parameters and features are major cost drivers for tool costs, we improved NX Feature2Cost for Molding by introducing a facet-based feature recognition to increase accuracy and performance. We also improved the algorithm for undercut recognition and slider direction to reduce faulty detection and decrease manual post-processing.

Improved calculation of material computation and composition

For some manufacturing technologies, customers have a high variety of semi-finished parts (raw materials), such as: blanks, coils, tubes, etc. The prices of these semi-finished parts are driven by multiple parameter matrixes/tables and can result in thousands of possible price compositions. To maintain and update every single possible price composition, causes high administrative efforts.

Using the material price composition templates, you can maintain every single price component separately, depending on required cycles and include as many of these components as you need. Afterwards, you can reuse the templates in the mass calculator’s material price composition and it will pull the respective prices automatically. This improvement saves time for the estimator and speeds up calculation process.

Support fiscal year calculation unaligned to the calendar year

Automotive tier 1 suppliers which follow a fiscal year different than calendar year, face challenges when negotiating with OEMs since they need to handle all figures which are negotiated in calendar years, but their own investments and depreciation are managed in fiscal years. For them to calculate program cash flow and KPIs properly, we support a transformation between the different years to align all figures with each other. Using this new capability, the volumes, sales prices and dynamization increase rates are transformed automatically in the fiscal year structure.

Extended Key Performance Indicators (KPI) configuration to calculate insightful KPIs

Additional operators and variables are available within the program profitability module. These allow customers to configure sophisticated and additional KPIs (e.g. custom rate of return). Customers can eliminate legacy Excel sheets which have been used for such individual calculations.

Increased quality for reference data and data updates

To be able to increase the added value of your purchased and self-made products continuously, a reliable database as a decision-making tool is indispensable. The knowledge of worldwide locations and suppliers constantly gains importance since make-or-buy, relocation or global sourcing analyzes require detailed bench-marking of global operating companies. Within the new version several extensions and improvements to reference data are provided.

Upgrade your Teamcenter Product Cost Management solution to the latest version 8.5 to take advantage of all new capabilities and improvements!

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