What Does Teamcenter Mean to You?

When most people typically think about Valentine’s Day, also known as the day of love, people usually think about chocolates, flowers, and jewelry… Not today! We aren’t talking about your most recent crush, we are talking about your go-to PLM system and the relationship you have with Teamcenter. 

Teamcenter strives to help you make smarter decisions, streamlines operations during the product lifecycle, and is the world’s most widely used PLM system which just demonstrates its proven success.

We asked around to find out what Teamcenter means to the team… Here were our favorite answers.

  • “Less time searching for data, more time with the ones you love.” Kerri Doyle
  • “Teamcenter to me means “thinking big”, collaboratively working on innovative ideas where I can be me but at the same time be part of something much bigger.” Jason Wickers
  • “One stop shop for product information.” Chris Scheffer
  • “Adding value through innovative technology.” Emilia Maier
  • “If one wants A-Z in PLM… It’s Teamcenter!” Abhi Aklujkar
  • “Some of my best friends use Teamcenter.” Margaret Furleigh
  • Teamcenter is the center of my engineering universe.” Mohan Sivahari
  • “It means our users can say “Show me, don’t tell me” when asking questions about their products.” Todd Teske
  • “Digital PLM backbone.”  Jim Dehmlow
  • “Platform to collaborate company-wide on product and manufacturing engineering data.” Thomas Muskalla
  • “Fostering Collaborative Innovation.” Stefano Mongio
  • Executing my work more efficiently” Mark Homrich

Regardless of how you spend your Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about the most important software relationship you’ll ever have! I promise Teamcenter won’t ever forget to text you back.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Teamcenter!

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