VR Technology and PLM: Music to Your Ears

By Kerri Doyle

VR Technology embedded with PLM processes will improve your product development productivity to get innovative, quality products to market faster.  Read on to learn more.

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What could be the next best thing to sitting in a front row seat at a live music concert of your choice?  How about virtually transporting yourself to the same concert, with an up-close and personal view of the musicians.  You can choose where to sit, you can sing along and dance to the songs, and even scan the audience for familiar faces.  A truly incredible experience, all for a reasonable price, with no travel time required. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is your new friend, and makes this all possible.

Immersive experience enabled by VR technology is not new, however, it is becoming more of a norm rather than an exception.  You name it – VR in entertainment, automotive, consumer goods, aerospace and defense, etc. — and the effect of immersive experiences used to develop products today continue to benefit and amaze us.

VR technology and PLM

In the world of manufacturing and product development, VR technology can help improve decision making by enabling you to better assess product ergonomic factors such as sight lines, reachability, and clearances so that you can resolve conflicts earlier.  VR technology for formal and informal digital design reviews, manufacturing planning, and serviceability evaluations can be especially effective with stakeholders such as purchasing agents or customers who can virtually relate to the product in 3D, at scale, rather than rely on standard displays or computer-aided designs.

As mentioned in my previous article PLM Visualization for Better Decisions, when it comes to decisions around your business, you want to have the best tools available to help you make smart choices.  For VR technology, look to Siemens Teamcenter VR — a virtual reality add-on module for Teamcenter Visualization Professional and Teamcenter Visualization Mockup. With Teamcenter VR, users are always working on live, configured design data in Teamcenter with no additional steps required for data preparation.

Teamcenter VR supports several platforms, including head mount devices (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality), large scale displays (Cave, Powerwalls) and desktop VR such as Z-Space, etc. Using VR, users can assess form, fit, and function, perform studies, and conduct design reviews by immersing themselves in a virtual world with an at-scale, up-to-date Digital Twin.

Teamcenter VR can help your organization:

  • Improve productivity during design reviews with users immersing themselves in the product to know more about it
  • Reduce costs by leveraging a new generation of VR devices while evaluating the digital twin
  • Develop better products by making realistic spatial trade-off decisions during digital mockup
  • Increase manufacturability and serviceabilty by enabling users to better assess line of sight and part reachability
  • Maximize the value of your PLM managed CAD data using ISO-certified JT files
  • Minimize training time through a familiar Teamcenter Visualization interaction paradigm

Be sure to check out other articles around PLM Visualization and VR to learn more about the benefits of immersive technology with Teamcenter.  Also, register now for a webinar on Teamcenter VR: Strategies to streamline product innovation with PLM visualization, virtual reality & digital twin

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