πŸ† 2023 Teamcenter TrustRadius awards

By Jen Groisman

What do users love about Teamcenter?

At Siemens, we’re proud to create products that inspire positive feedback in our user community. Hear from verified users on how much they value Teamcenter.

When it comes to validating the excellence of a product or service, nothing speaks louder than user reviews. These reviews not only affirm the decisions behind specific features and functionalities but also serve as a testament to how well we are meeting user expectations through our continuous release cycles.

In the realm of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), our performance with TrustRadius positions Teamcenter as a standout leader across various industries. Join us as we explore the recognition we’ve received and the impact it has on our commitment to excellence.

What is TrustRadius?

TrustRadius stands as a reputable third-party peer review platform, curating a diverse range of customer insights. Its mission is to empower buyers with well-informed decisions by providing comprehensive, vetted product information and customer-generated content. TrustRadius allows customers to share their unique stories, aiding high-intent buyers in their decision-making process. We are proud that our strong performance with Teamcenter has earned recognition from TrustRadius.

Why Participate in Peer Reviews?

Peer reviews offer invaluable insights for potential and existing customers, allowing them to compare products and gain a deeper understanding of how those products align with their specific needs. Grounded in real experiences, discussions, and reviews, peer feedback is instrumental in guiding users through their purchasing journey. Beyond customer benefits, consolidating insights from peer reviews provides us with a holistic view of how Teamcenter performs relative to other solutions in the market, offering insights not easily obtained through our internal communication channels.

Our Achievements in the 2023 Awards In the 2023 TrustRadius awards, Teamcenter secured three impressive awards, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional value. Let’s take a closer look at the accolades:

πŸ† Best Feature Set

πŸ† Best Relationship in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

πŸ† Best Value for Price

These awards not only reflect the robust features of Teamcenter but also highlight our dedication to fostering strong relationships with our users and providing exceptional value in the competitive landscape. We are thrilled to celebrate these achievements and look forward to continuing our journey of excellence with Teamcenter.

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