⛅ Unlock the secret behind product innovation

By Susan Zimmerlee

What’s the secret behind the innovative products you use daily?

For many of the products you use every day it’s Teamcenter, the PLM leader. We power product innovation for companies around the globe.

Many customers consider Teamcenter such a competitive advantage, that they don’t want anybody to know they’re using it. But chances are, you came across a product today that was created with Teamcenter at its core. From the watch you put on in the morning, to the car you drive to work, or the pacemaker that keeps your loved one’s heart going strong, the plane you take to your favorite vacation destination. Even the device you’re looking at now or the technology behind it. Teamcenter enables companies to unlock the power of product innovation to create things that bring us new experiences, help us in everyday life, save our planet, keep us safe and so much more.

I’ve picked a few of my favorite customer stories here to share some extraordinary things companies are doing with Teamcenter behind their product innovation. 👇🏼

Product innovation with Teamcenter and Unlimited Tomorrow

Revolutionizing the prosthetics industry

Unlimited Tomorrow is revolutionizing the prosthetics industry. They develop customized, highly performative, lightweight prosthetic limbs. These limbs are made unique to each person, are about 10% of the average cost of a traditional custom prosthetic and can be created in weeks! Using the digital twin, including Siemens Teamcenter X and NX, they are scaling their new level prosthetic personalization to meet their vision to enhance the quality of life for the more than 40 million amputees worldwide.

Product innovation with Teamcenter and Surf Loch

Breaking geographical limitations

Hitting the waves over your lunch break? For those of us that don’t live near an ocean, there’s another option! Surf Loch is a small company, operating on a global scale. They are breaking geographical limitations with wave factories that deliver 400 waves per hour. Using a comprehensive digital twin, including Teamcenter, they are able to build, operate and maintain factories that create precise, repeatable waves.

Product innovation with Teamcenter and Gilmour Space Technologies

Out of this world

Satellites help us navigate, watch our favorite shows, and so much more! Many aerospace companies rely on Teamcenter for real product innovation – they must design and create products for conditions that may not exist inside a lab or even on the planet. Gilmour Space Technologies provides launch services to global customers. They turn to Siemens Teamcenter and NX to accelerate cross-functional collaboration through unified digital frameworks across various areas such as launch vehicles, satellites, launch site operations, as well as research and development.

Product innovation with Teamcenter and Polar Electro

GREAT BIG TECHNOLOGY, itty bitty package

Loving that smart watch? Many of the world’s leading tech companies rely on Teamcenter. Let’s take a look at Polar Electro – they build sports technology that provides smart guidance based on heart rate, GPS data and much more. They have to pack a lot of complex tech in a tiny package, all while meeting demands for more product variability and shorter time to market. With a digital thread, including Teamcenter, they have unified the entire product lifecycle.

Product innovation with Teamcenter and Hymer

Living the good life

Hymer has defined a completely new category of vehicle with their Venture S luxury motorhome. To bring this innovative product to life, they used Siemens Xcelerator, including Teamcenter, to fully digitize the entire vehicle development cycle from concept approval to prototype. They’ve reduced physical prototypes by 80%, variant derivation time by 65% and so much more. Hans-Georg Rauh, Technical Managing director of Hymer Gmbh & Co. KG, says it best: “The use of digital tools in the development process is a crucial success factor for the implementation of a high degree of innovation and quality”

Made just for you

Are you sitting in a nice, comfy office chair? Lista Office Group turns the latest workplace research findings into innovative solutions. Their intelligent solutions are designed to cater to each customer’s taste and required functionality.  To handle growing product diversity, they implemented Teamcenter and SolidEdge. The result: 95% reduction in the time it takes to modify a part family.

Powering product innovation

This is just a taste of how Teamcenter is powering product innovation for companies around the globe. Want to know more about how we can help you? Contact us today!

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

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