Teamcenter for CALM

By Tushar Dharankar

In this blog post, we’ll explain how Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM) can enable your digital transformation journey using a PLM-based approach to digitalizing and managing capital projects.

Capital assets such as facilities, plants, factories and critical infrastructure form the productive base of most modern organizations. While capital intensive businesses invest a significant portion of their funds to acquire, develop and maintain capital assets, many lack the technology and tools manage these projects efficiently and cost-effectively. Many owner-operators and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms that support them have the desire to digitalize their capital projects but lack an understanding of how technology can help.

CALM is a Teamcenter-based solution for managing capital assets and project information across the lifecycle. It helps asset-intensive companies make the transition to digitalization by offering solutions for the planning, design, construction and operation of a capital asset plus the systems and equipment that make up the capital asset. Teamcenter for CALM weaves a digital thread throughout the capital asset lifecycle, from project delivery into operations to deliver advanced capital project management capabilities as well as a “simulations driven” approach to design, construction and operations. Below we’ll highlight a few of its main capabilities and benefits.


Data Consolidation and Validation

A major challenge in large capital projects is the organization and management of large volumes of engineering data. EPC firms typically engage multiple vendors during the engineering phase of a greenfield or brownfield projects, each utilizing their preferred plant CAD authoring tools. They collectively produce vast quantities of critical engineering data for a capital project. However, they lack a centralized system to assemble, visualize and manage all this data.

Teamcenter for CALM solves this with a CAD agnostic approach to data management. Teamcenter for CALM natively supports most leading plant CAD formats, enabling fast multi-CAD data consolidation and visualization of 2D diagrams, smart P&IDs, 3D models, ISOs, equipment properties and documents. Validation rules can also be defined and setup to run automatically, saving valuable engineering time.

Configuration and reorganization of plant breakdown structure 

CALM supports the organization of consolidated plant information into multiple organization schemes as recommended by the Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification or CFIHOS. Data can be reorganized in a commissioning unit hierarchy, functional location hierarchy, corrosion loop, or any spatial hierarchy view. This helps discipline engineering to consume and manage pant information of their interest.

Digital handover Management  

Data handover becomes seamless with Teamcenter for CALM.

Vendors and contractors can submit data and documents at every milestone as per a project’s execution plan and Teamcenter for CALM consolidates the 3D model, metadata and related documents. You can manage the history of all your milestone submissions and compare data at two milestones to verify the changes.

Occasionally, handover occurs at the end of the EPC phase when suppliers submit thousands of engineering records in multiple formats.

CALM backs bulk data handover in the form of 3D models, P&IDs, drawings, documents and PDFs. These gather all this information with equipment tags, functional locations and work areas. It also organizes the data based on their department, discipline and type, making it faster and easier for users to get access to the required information.

CALM also supports data handover to operation and maintenance systems, allowing you to synchronize organized data in Teamcenter with Enterprise Asset Management tools such as SAP Plant Maintenance and IBM Maximo. This synchronization process creates a functional location hierarchy with required tag properties and metadata in the maintenance system, saving hours of manual entry and validation.

Connecting people and processes

Teamcenter for CALM offers a single, integrated environment for all internal and external stakeholders to collaborate. You can exchange data, review and visualize asset information, approve engineering information and track progress and deliverables. You can also leverage Teamcenter for CALM to manage day-to-day activities more efficiently and out of the box workflows for collaboration, problem reporting, and issue management.

Teamcenter for CALM is the right fit                 

Capital assets are of critical importance to capital intensive businesses and form the productive base of most modern organizations. In order to manage capital projects efficiently and cost-effectively, owner-operators and the EPC firms that support them must turn to digitalization. Teamcenter for CALM offers a proven technology platform and PLM-based approach for managing capital assets and project information across the lifecycle.

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