Product Stewardship With Environmental Compliance Grading

By Kerri Doyle

Environmental Compliance Grading Benefit: Did you know that the world’s top 100 sustainable companies show a 24% higher stock return compared to other companies?Read on to learn more about the advantages and process of going green.

As I’ve mentioned before in previous articles around product stewardship, environmentally friendly products are winning in global markets and can play a role in boosting companies to industry leaders. If you can prove your “greenness” to consumers and industry analysts, you have a good chance of gaining an edge on the rest of the market.environmental compliance grading.JPGBenefits of product stewardship

Getting there

Understanding requirements around Design for Environment (DfE), and implementing solutions to help stay ahead of environmental and social compliance directives is key to going green. According to Jim Brown, Business Analyst and President of Tech-Clarity, Inc., “A DfE platform that works in the context of PLM offers a forward looking, efficient, and holistic approach.”Today, in order to efficiently address DfE and compliance goals, smart companies are moving towards environmental compliance grading solutions that are integrated into PLM platforms.This allows for complete visibility into environmental compliance data and processes that can be tracked across functional disciplines throughout the product lifecycle.Companies who approach DfE using Teamcenter Substance Compliance can benefit immediately by efficiently grading for compliance against today’s regulations and directives, and be prepared for future compliance needs as regulatory requirements continue to evolve. 

compliance grading.JPGTeamcenter compliance gradingEnvrionmental Compliance Grading with Teamcenter

Check out this video that highlights compliance grading and reporting in Teamcenter substance compliance. With Teamcenter, you can quickly understand how well your product complies with local regulations in different regions of the world. Teamcenter leverages a compliance process manager (CPM) tool from thinkstep to check a BOM for specific substances in accordance with environmental compliance regulations. Preconfigured rule sets make it easy to understand and keep up with ever changing global regulations such as REACH, RoHS, GADSL, IEC 62474, Conflict Minerals and more. A rules editor is also available and allows you to create and manage your own custom rules.

Visit our Teamcenter’s sustainability and environmental compliance blog page to learn more about using Teamcenter to meet your environmental compliance and DfE objectives.

About the Blogger:

 Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. 

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