Product Compliance Software Wins Product Of The Year

By Kerri Doyle

Product compliance software is essential to product development. You need to ensure you have visibility into your compliance initiatives, including the processes to gather and manage data with your supply chain. Read more to hear about Teamcenter award-winning products that help companies move faster and stay compliant.

Product Compliance Software = Winner

Once again, the Siemens’ Teamcenter integration to BOMcheck has won an Environmental Leader Top Product of the Year Award. You may recall that Siemens and thinkstep won this prestigious award last year, with judges noting the strong PLM platform that integrates supplier data into the product development process to support environmental compliance reporting.   For the 2019 award, one Environmental Leader judge said of the Teamcenter BOMcheck integration, “Excellent solution for managing compliance to REACH and RoHS with an extensive database for data collection and verification.”  thinkstep’s BOMcheck Director Dr. Aidan Turnbull accepted the award at the Environmental Leader Conference in Denver, Colorado

Established in 2012, the Environmental Leader Awards recognize excellence in products and services that provide companies with environmental benefits.  BOMcheck is a centralized web database that helps manufacturers manage their supply chains’ compliance with RoHS, REACH, and other substance regulations around the world. Launched in May 2008 by Siemens, Philips, and GE Healthcare, thousands of companies use BOMcheck today to collect material declarations for millions of supplier parts.

Teamcenter BOMcheck Integration

The Teamcenter BOMcheck Integration is part of the Integrated Material Management offering, where essential material properties can be holistically managed and seamlessly integrated into the product lifecycle. This enables the material aspect of the digital twin and assures that the right material data is made available to downstream consumers for assignment and system analysis. Supported by its exemplary Substance Compliance solution, it enables customers to stay compliant with regulatory and industry directives that require reporting on all materials used in products, including supplied parts. Tedie West, Siemens’ Teamcenter product manager states, “By automating the process to collect and manage declarations from suppliers, we help our customers to meet their environmental compliance objectives quickly and without errors.”

product compliance software

Visit our Blog site or to find out how our product compliance software, Integrated Material Management, and the BOMcheck Integration, enable you to design complaints and environmentally friendly products. Learn about best practices in our case study with WAGO, and hear BSH and Siemens Healthineers discuss lessons learned in our recorded webinar.

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